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What have we been up to during the pandemic?

As our typical video work dried up in the pandemic I lucked into a temporary position in construction to help move a friends home through a stalled construction process. Using skills from my past, renovating several homes with self, friends and family.

In this case it required imagining, designing, building and installing the entire new kitchen between the original sub floor and the roof rafters. It has been a personally rewarding experience and between the FIDL from the SBA, Federal individual payment and some interesting COVID 19 response projects for existing clients it really helped bridge the financial gap personally while the company was mostly on pause.

I expect to finish the construction gig in the next two weeks and be back to CrumlicMedia projects full-time as New York City carefully re-opens. My team of healthy video and audio workers are very conscious of the new normal needs for social distancing, careful cleaning and contact limiting. We are ready to get to work with you on your video, photo and live stream broadcasting needs.

A particularly interesting project for our long time client The Historic Hotel Bethlehem included a warm message using video clips recorded for other purposes to invite their guests back when the time is right for them.

One of the projects was for our friends at The Lewis Frumkes Center for Writing and Culture at Hunter College bringing their archive of lectures recorded since 2011 to a renewed life

on the center's website and accessible by the public for a limited time. We created several versions of a new opening sequence to unify the various recording formats the videos were recorded in as technology and editing styles changed.

We also prepared some audio files from the video recordings for the Rite of Summer Music Festival over the past few years that was used on the festival sponsor's brodcasts at WQXR Radio.

We have been able to provide support for other clients with archived material use and we look forward to getting back to art gallery work with our dear friends at Agora Gallery on July 30th for their next reception night.

We will keep you up to date here on our blog and we will start our social media back up as seems appropriate given the state of the world. Please reach out if you have any needs during this time. We are ready to get to work for you.

Bill Crumlic

Owner, CrumlicMedia

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