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More services for this time of Social Distancing

Many galleries who have not made use of a 360 Virtual Tour for each exhibition may find it helpful to let guests see what's inside the gallery now that we are reception-less for weeks or even months.

With social distancing cancelling the venues of mass sales such as galleries and fairs, we are here to help. Not only are we ready to help with video content projects to entertain all the people stuck at home, but we have brought in the tools to produce 360 Degree virtual tours. With no real feet in the gallery, the virtual tour helps keep your buyers connected and seeing familiar sites but with each of the new works in place for each exhibition.

We have ideas and we have the crew and equipment such as 4K Cameras, 360 Camera, teleprompter, lighting, mics, drone, Osmo Mobile, Time-Lapse and more. We can help you produce content for this uncertain time and keep your customers engaged.

Talk to Bill and Alex about your needs and concerns. We can help.

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