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Getting outside as Spring approaches!

The weather has been getting better so it is time to work off the Winter weight. One way I have been taking advantage of the weather is on CitiBike trips. I regularly need to run errands to pick up the office mail or deliver video products on hard drives so I use a bike if the weather permits. I am pretty hearty though and have a great Patagonia coat and good gloves so I am sometimes motivated to do colder weather.

I have added some safety equipment since starting the bike journeys. Including a helmet camera for the next time someone thoughtlessly steps into the bike lane. At least I'll have something to show what happened. The protected bike lanes have been a big boost to biking and make for a safer trip. Of course we still have to be on the constant lookout for the next person to just step in front of us in the bike lane or the next car door to fly open as we approach. It does take constant vigilance but I find it worth it.

I much prefer the East and Hudson river bike trails which are scenic and quite beautiful. This part of the season they are still not crowded so they make for a leisurely trip.

If you have not experienced the city on a bike, do it today! It is a great way to get around, it's healthy and with the increasing support for bicycling we can expect to see the opportunities and benefits grow!

Above is one of my favorite bike spots. That is the pedestrian and bike bridge between Manhattan and Wards Island. There is nothing like a mild evening riding the trails and seeing our beautiful city.

If you do not want to invest in a bike or don't want the hassle of storing it try CitiBikeNYC.

I am using CitiBike and loving it. The cost has been reasonable and the docks near my home generally have enough bikes for my variable schedule. I love that I don't have to chain the bike up when I get somewhere and hope most of the parts are still there when I return. I dock thew bike and it is no longer my responsibility. I come back and get another bike when done with the stop. I have also lost 60 pounds in the past two tears since changing my diet and using CitiBike daily when possible. Check it out at

Bill Crumlic

Owner, CrumlicMedia Inc.

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